Bachelor of Technology Education

Bachelor of Technology EducationThe Bachelor of Technology Education prepares teachers for the new field of teaching students about technology. The degree provides the education necessary to obtain certification to teach technology in elementary, middle and high schools. The degree offers plenty of opportunities as schools strive to improve technical literacy in the classrooms.

Students in the program can study for a general teaching credential while specializing in technology education. They learn how to present technology in the classroom in a way that young people can absorb. They also learn how to create projects and laboratory demonstrations that bring technology to life. Courses include the completion of general education requirements, education classes toward a teaching credential, and technical overviews in fields such as artificial intelligence. The focus is on building broad technical knowledge so that principles remain relevant as specific technologies evolve. The Bachelor of Technology Education program is suitable for students pursuing their first college degree, students with a degree in a subject other than education, and teachers wishing to concentrate on technical education. It is an excellent foundation for graduate study.

How To Find The Top Bachelor of Technology Education Programs

As technology education is quite new, more accredited colleges add the program each year. Search national university databases by program and ranking to find the best Bachelor of Technology Education degrees. For example, college databases such as Peterson’s and U.S News University Directory allow you to search by major and then on a keyword such as “technology education.” The results list specific colleges including those with the best online Bachelor of Technology Education programs. As many courses involve hands-on practice, consider programs that offer small class sizes and student-centered learning. Also, look for schools that have strong general teacher training programs and information technology or computer science departments. These colleges already have a foundation in place for educating instructors.

For distance education, Valley City State University in North Dakota offers the first U.S. online Bachelor of Technology Education degree. The emphasis is on meeting state and national teaching credential requirements so that graduates are fully prepared for job opportunities as technical educators. Pittsburg State University in Kansas has a well-ranked program that focuses on individualized instruction and laboratory learning. The school hosts regional technical conferences that give students an opportunity to practice their skills and interact with professionals from varied technical and educational backgrounds.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Bachelor of Technology Education Degrees

Graduates have several Bachelor of Technology Education careers available in public education and in the private and government sectors. Average 2012 Bachelor of Technology Education salaries range from $35,000 per year for an elementary teacher to $65,000 for an information technology specialist. Public school positions are in high demand at all grade levels, and salaries vary with experience, workload and location. The private and government sectors are hiring experts to instruct employees in new technologies, positions suiting instructors who enjoy working with adults. Salaries average $63,000 for information technology or instructional specialists. Regardless of career path, a Bachelor of Technology Education prepares you for a high-demand field that makes a difference.

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