Bachelor of Special Education

Bachelor of Special EducationA specialty degree, like a Bachelor of Special Education, is ideal for individuals who have a desire to work with children who possess special needs such as emotional challenges, mental disabilities, physical limitations, behavioral disorders, or even children who are categorized as “gifted.” A teacher who possesses a Bachelor of Special Education is trained to adapt their teaching methods to individuals who possess these special challenges to ensure their academic success.

A Bachelor of Special Education is not only a degree for those who want to work in the education field, but for those who want to prove that they have the necessary training to work with a diverse group of people in the corporate world.  More specialized than the traditional Bachelor of Education degree, some of the classes in the Bachelor of Special Education program include differentiated learning techniques as well as adult learning theory. This is a great crossover training for anyone who is part of a Human Resources department, training department, or in a classroom setting for Secondary students or ESL students. Depending on the program, some of the additional training included involves certification for TESOL. This is useful in order to teach those who are secondary learners of the English language, as well as Job Coaching certifications for those who have mild to moderate disabilities, and for those who have emotional or learning issues. Many companies are interested in this type of degree, such as organizations that conduct training, non-profits and even large corporations interested in promoting people to management positions. Many companies hold the opinion that a degree in Special Education will allow a person to possess the ability to work well with others and to be perceptive of departmental needs and work flow.

How to Find the Top Bachelor of Special Education Programs

Finding the best Bachelor of Special Education degree programs is dependent on the type of setting that is preferred for learning. For instance, some prefer a live classroom environment, like with a state or private campus college, while others would only work online. One of the best online Bachelor of Special Education programs offered is provided by Western Governors University. WGU is fully accredited, and its ranking is one of the highest for this degree choice. Other accredited online universities include Liberty University, University of Phoenix, and Walden University. Liberty University provides a Bachelors of Special Education in combination with a mainstream education degree. This two-degree process allows education majors to fast-track their specialty degree and primary degree at the same time. University of Phoenix is ideal for those who are on a time crunch. Their programs range from 18 months to 48 months, depending on the pace that students would like to take. Walden University is unique in that they will accept lifetime credits. If students want to include life experience as part of their coursework, they simply submit a biography for review. Students can also test out of classes if they are already proficient with the content.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with Bachelor of Special Education Degrees

Bachelor of Special Education salaries can range depending on the field of choice. For education, one could expect to make $48,000-$72,000. In the corporate world, one could look forward to $45,000-$80,000.

Some specific Bachelor of Special Education careers include Inclusion Teachers or Main Instructor for schools, and for the corporate world this degree would be ideal for a Stand-Up Trainer or Corporate Trainer. A Bachelor of Special Education is considered a well-rounded degree that employers are looking for when hiring.