Bachelor of Physical Education

Bachelor of Physical EducationStudents interested in sports, physical fitness and healthy living may be interested in acquiring a Bachelor of Physical Education degree. This degree program generally covers topics such as the history of physical education, principles of physical education, anatomy, physiology, instructional techniques, as well as core courses of psychology, English composition, speech and contemporary curriculum models. Many programs offer coursework in health and wellness, sports medicine and other facets of physical education.

How To Find the Best Bachelor of Physical Education Programs

A number of institutions place high in the ranking for schools with good physical education programs, including the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Education in Kinesiology. They also offer a post-graduate Master of Teaching in Health and Physical Education degree program. The University of Texas is another high ranking school that offers a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health with an applied movements science that prepares the student to become a physical education teacher. If you are unable to travel to these schools, you might consider getting your degree through an online educational institution. Not all online bachelor of physical education degree programs offer courses in the concentration the student needs. For example, online schools may offer courses in health and wellness but not in exercise science. Students should research carefully to find the best online bachelor of physical education degree program for their career goals. Students exploring their options for the best bachelor of physical education degrees programs should always ensure that the school in question is accredited and falls in the upper tiers of school rankings. Your choice of institution will be affected by many factors including ability to move out of state, financial resources, financial aid programs, and the availability of courses in your chosen field of concentration.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Bachelor of Physical Education Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in physical education prepares students to teach physical education from kindergarten through high school levels. Graduates can also become athletic directors for various types of institutions. Coaching skills may also be part of a bachelor of physical education degree program. Bachelor of physical education salaries can vary across the United States. The average salary for elementary or high school physical education teachers is $43,000. Salaries in large, urban areas can reach $53,000. Salaries for health and physical education consultants for private institutions and industry can make considerably more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in the field of physical education teachers to increase as much as 13 percent in the next ten years. Positions in rural areas may offer more opportunities at the entry level as teachers move on to employment in urban areas. Employment for coaches and scouts are expected to grow 29 percent, though the salary scale is considerably lower at $28,000. With current interest in health and increased physical activity for youth, the outlook for employment for those with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree continues to look bright.

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