Bachelor of Music Education

bachelor of music educationStudents pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education are typically leaning toward careers that allow them to pass on a knowledge and passion for music. Students in this degree program will learn about the general significance of music history and literature in modern society, but also about specific musical periods, including the baroque, classical, romantic and renaissance eras. Students will learn how to analyze musical culture and apply music theory to harmony and musicianship. Most music education students will learn to play at least one instrument, often the piano or keyboard. Both solo and ensemble work are generally required.

It is important to note that it is not just music that these students learn about. Like a traditional Bachelor of Education Degree program, the Bachelor of Music Education program is also beneficial in that it instructs students how to become teachers in order to pass the information along. Some programs may require students to work in public schools as part of the graduation requirements. This professional preparation may include observing classes and taking part as an assistant instructor. Students will learn how to write lesson plans and execute them fluidly under guidance. Graduates from this program will also benefit from learning a variety of teaching techniques and building a positive learning environment for music students.

How To Find The Top Bachelor of Music Education Programs

Though many people often worry about getting into the perfect degree program, it does not have to be a burdensome experience to find a college that suits your needs if you do proper research. The most important thing is to ensure that the school is accredited with a strong reputation. Before choosing a school, students should look at the ranking and success rate of former students. It is also important to look for schools that offer opportunities for student teaching to gain experience before entering the working world as a full-time instructor.

One of the best Bachelor of Music Education degrees is offered at California State University in Long Beach. This program is 132 units and requires an audition for entrance, making it highly selective. Students can focus on either instrumental or vocal music. Grand Valley State University in Michigan also offers a similar program that helps students acquire teaching certification as well. Instrumental students will learn a wide variety of skills, including voice, brass, woodwind, percussion and string techniques. Loyola University in New Orleans also offers a music education program with an emphasis on jazz studies.

Students can also search for the best online Bachelor of Music Education programs if they cannot study on campus, though even online programs may require students to complete at least part of the coursework on campus.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With Bachelor of Music Education Degrees

Bachelor of Music Education salaries vary across the board. By far the most popular choice in Bachelor of Music education careers is in public or private school teaching. These teachers can make anywhere between $30,000 to 50,000 as a starting salary. Some graduates are able to open up their own studios and teach their own curriculum. While studio teachers do not have to hold a degree, completion of the program leads to more opportunities. These teachers can set their own hourly wages. Obtaining a Bachelor of Music Education can lead to great opportunities in the field of teaching.