Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree prepares students to teach in public schools, daycares or universities. These educators focus on working with children who are between two and eight years old.

Most universities offering the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree have programs of study that train both early childhood and upper elementary majors. All students will take courses such as children’s literature, child psychology, educational theory or methods courses in math, science and reading. Future early childhood teachers will also focus on courses such as diagnosis of reading difficulties.

Many states frequently have shortages of early childhood teachers. Early childhood education is a growing field with projected job growth for the next decade. People who enjoy working with young children may want to consider getting a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree. These teachers get to introduce their students to formal education and work closely with parents to make sure children enjoy their first years of school. It’s a fascinating and fulfilling career.

How to Find the Top Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Programs

Finding the best Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degrees requires research. Prospective students may want to physically visit campuses or talk to early childhood teachers. Internet research can provide information on entrance requirements and projected tuition expenses. Many respected journals such as U.S. News and World Report and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance use detailed criteria when rating traditional universities. Their rankings also include the best online Bachelor of Early Childhood Education programs in the country.

Choosing the best university for an early childhood degree will depend on what the candidate wants from a program. Vanderbilt’s Early Childhood degree, offered through Peabody College, offers plenty of on-the-job experience. Candidates observe and work in classrooms and agencies. Peabody requires that all early childhood majors also complete a second major in child studies.

Some students may want to attend a demonstration and research program like the University of Texas at Austin offers to its teaching candidates. Their educational college has an actual kindergarten through fifth grade school on campus. Others may prefer schools that have large early childhood programs like Arizona State or even schools that focus on educational theory.

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Careers and Salaries for Individuals with Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Degrees

There are many Bachelor of Early Childhood Education careers available to people who have earned their diploma. The most popular career choice, and the main reason people go into this field, is teaching kindergarten through third grade classes. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education salaries for teachers average $51,000 annually.

An Early Childhood Bachelors degree can also lead to an administrator’s job. These people will oversee operations of preschools, child care centers or public schools. Their salary range is around $87,000. Another option for students completing this degree is to teach at the college or university level. Higher education teachers will eventually be required to obtain a Masters or Doctorates Degree in Early Childhood Education. University or college educators usually earn around $62,000 annually.

Early Childhood is an area of study that leads to a fulfilling, enjoyable career. The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree offers training and employment opportunities for people who enjoy working with young children.