Bachelor of Adult Education

Bachelor of Adult EducationIn today’s high tech, fast-paced economy, working adults know they need to develop broader skill sets to compete, and as more and more working adults realize the value of education, professionals who hold a Bachelor of Adult Education are in increasing demand. Adult students often have better study skills than children, but they also have major disadvantages. For example, adult students are set in their ways and often absorb information more slowly than children. They also tend to be much busier and less focused on schoolwork. Because older students often face unique challenges, a Bachelor of Adult Education program teaches tactics specifically designed to help adults learn academic material and gain new skills. These new programs will appeal most to people looking to find a meaningful career. A degree in adult education may not be the most lucrative around, but it will help job seekers find their way into positions that help others learn and grow.

How To Find The Top Bachelor of Adult Education Programs

Colleges and universities in the United States offer some of the best Bachelor of Adult Education degrees in the world. To find the best option in a particular region, students can consult one of the many websites or periodicals that publish education rankings, such as the U.S. News and Word Report.

Bellevue University in Washington and Lesley University in Massachusetts offer excellent options, though there are many schools across the country with programs that are equally good. Of course, in the age of technology potential students aren’t limited by geography. They can also search out the best online Bachelor of Education programs, including Bachelor of Adult Education degree programs. Such programs are offered online by Walden University, the University of Phoenix, and Grand Canyon University to name a few. Online programs can be very convenient for students with busy schedules or students who live in remote areas. However, they can be challenging for learners who benefit from a lot of face-to-face interaction. For potential students who want or need personal interaction with an instructor, a brick and mortar campus may be the better option.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With Bachelor of Adult Education Degrees

Due to the increased focus on education across the country, a Bachelor of Adult Education degree is more valuable than ever. Bachelor of Adult Education careers include teaching in GED programs and community colleges, and working with special needs adults. Bachelor of Adult Education salaries can exceed $30,000 per year, depending on average salaries in the region and the requirements of a particular job. As an added bonus, many of the companies and organizations that hire adult education graduates offer excellent benefits including health insurance, life insurance, and paid vacation. A Bachelor of Adult Education could be an ideal option for anyone looking to make a difference and find a new career.